Afternoon Preschool Enrichment Classes

You’ve probably heard all about the recent “education reform” that is changing how and what is being  taught to our children. Common Core Learning Standards are now a part of every public school kindergarten. At CNS, we strive to be responsive to these changes while remaining true to our belief that age-appropriate learning should be fun and nurturing.


That’s why we have developed our Afternoon Preschool Enhancement Program for our 4 and 5 year old children. These classes are designed to supplement a traditional preschool or nursery school program. Children attend our morning program, and then gather to enjoy a bag lunch from home at noon. Then, your child can attend one, or any combination, of our Enrichment Classes from 12:15 - 1:00pm. These topical classes, while still age and developmentally appropriate, will provide the extra boost in “kindergarten readiness” that some children need. But don’t tell the children that. To them, our Enrichment classes are just another chance to have fun with new friends!

A sampling of CNS's Afternoon Enrichment Classes:

Music & Motion 

This class will provide learning fun with

  • small equipment (parachute, bean bags,hula hoops, balls, scarves, rhythm sticks)
  • beginning introductions to ballet, yoga, creative dance, tumbling
  • make and play with our own musical instruments/music instrument exploration
  • clapping and singing games


Why Music & Motion is an important class?

  • Music integrates mind, body and emotions and, therefore, it is beneficial to have a strong music component at the core of an educational program.
  • Music through play develops multi-sensory, cognitive and social emotional skills. Making and playing instruments, singing, and dancing allows children to learn language, make connections to familiar experiences and form communities.
  • Studies show that children who are regularly and actively involved with music are better able to focus and control their bodies, play better with others and have higher self esteem.

Adventures in Math & Science 

 Your child will participate in lots of FUN activities during our Math and Science Enrichment Class!

  • Hands on Science experiments! Sink or Float...Clouds and Rain...Wiggly "Gummy" Worms...Lollipop Lab, just to name a few..
  • Integrate science and math skills...weighing, measuring, graphing, sorting, counting.
  • We will make predictions...What do we think will happen?
  • Observe results...What happened and why?
  • We will go on a nature walk and make science observations.
  • Learn about our 5 senses as we make new discoveries.

All of these fun activities will encourage language and literacy skills. Working together

in a group will strengthen social skills. 


Preschools Book Club

A book club, just for kids!


This class will help encourage a love of reading

and learning in your preschooler that will

last a lifetime...


  • "Classic" loved books will be featured each week.
  • Guided "read alouds" will incorporate various comprehension building strategies.
  • Pre-reading skills will reinforce important building blocks that preschoolers need to become independent readers.
  • Follow-up literacy activities, crafts, games and cooking projects will be coordinated with specific book themes. 

~ FUN! FUN! FUN! ~