How Parents Can Get Involved...

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For many families, nursery school is a time when young children must learn how to separate from their parents. While this is an essential developmental milestone, parents want to feel confident in leaving their child, many for the very first time.


At CNS, we have a carefully planned "graduated opening" in the Fall.  At first, children come for short periods of time, with only a few other children. We gradually increase the length of time of class and number of children. After a few weeks, both child and parent feel comfortable and confident in the separation.


After the routine is established, there are many opportunities for parents to be involved at CNS. Here are some:


•Board of Directors.  All administrative and policy decisions at CNS must go through our Board of Directors. They meet once a month throughout the school year. Parents are invited to serve a two year term on the Board. Interested parents are encouraged to ask the program director about openings. 


•Fund-Raising. At CNS, there are 3 or 4 fund raising-events throughout the year. Parents are always needed to help out with catalog sales, plant sale, yard sale, etc. 


•Substitute teacher. In the fall, the director will generate a list of parents who are willing to fill in for a teacher or assistant if she can not come to school. This is an excellent opportunity to really be a part of the class. All planning and preparation will already be done. 


•Guest readers. Each teacher at CNS welcomes parents, grandparents, older siblings, etc., to be a guest reader during class. All children love to be read to, and especially when mom or dad come to class and read to their new friends. Teachers will post a Guest Reader schedule throughout the year.