School Closings

Tuesday Feb. 28: CNS is closed due to inclement weather. 


To find out if CNS is closed due to weather, check here (we recommend that you "bookmark" this page for quick reference). 


Also, the outgoing message on the answering machine at school will announce any unscheduled closings. Call 471-3343 to find out if classes are cancelled due to weather.


Weather related closings are announced here and on the out-going message by 7:30am.


We do not delay school openings. We do NOT necessarily close when the public schools have delays. Be sure to check to see if Community Nursery School is closed by checking here or calling the office.



In the event of an emergency that requires CNS to close or dismiss children that have already arrived, parents will be notified by phone. It is, therefore, imparative that we have appropriate Emergency Contact names and phone numbers on file for each child enrolled.


We recommend that you use the Link to JOIN THE MAILING LIST, so that we have your contact information on-hand.