What Parents Say about CNS...

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Because we always strive to be as responsive to our parents as possible, parents feedback of the program was gathered during a recent survey.  Here are some of the quotes we received:


"The teachers at CNS are SO loving!"


"We love the sense of community here."


"Such great THEMES! "


"Staff is AWESOME!"


"My kids were always so eager to go to school."


"CNS does a wonderful job teaching fundamentals in getting kids ready for kindergarten."


"We just loved the WHOLE experience."


"As an educator myself, I really appreciate all that is done to make each day an enjoyable learning experience for my child."


"We have experience with other programs in the area, and all comparison falls in YOUR favor."


"All staff at CNS genuinely love the kids and their jobs. It shows!  And it makes a mom comfortable leaving her child here."


"We love all the animals!"


"We couldn't be happier with this staff."


"We felt like part of a big family here. The communication from the staff was excellent."


"The field trips! The performances! The special visits! The community outreach!"


"Our teachers... they are so caring and fun and perfect."


"I really appreciate how CNS incorporates learning through play. My daughter learned SO MUCH and came home smiling every day with stories and showing me what she learned."


"The way the staff is so open to communication...so easy to talk to about anything."


"We just love the 'family feeling!"


"Coming to CNS is such a magical experience!"


"The curriculum is great...age appropriate, creative and fun."


"My children LOVE this place. Wonderful, loving & caring staff!"


"My son LOVES coming to school!"


"I feel that my son is being taught things that will really make him ready for kindergarten."


"I was so pleased with the school and the teachers. I knew without any question that it would be perfect for my son. I always recommend this school to anyone who has young children."


"My kids are very happy here. Teachers and staff are absolutely great!"


"The staff is great and the children are very happy. The children also love coming home with the crafts that they made for the family."


"Great teachers. Director is awesome."


"I feel that the staff is wonderful and my child has had a great social and learning experience here."


"What a wonderful difference this place has made in our daughter!"


"I love that all the children say their 'thank you poem' before snack. My daughter insists that we all say it at home before dinner too!"


"The teachers are very 'in tune' with the children and their needs."


"All the teachers are very helpful and pleasant. I like the parent-teacher conferences. It's so nice that the teachers take the opportunity to tell you how your child is responding when you're not there."


"This is our THIRD child at CNS and all our experiences have been wonderful."