In order to give parents confidence and peace of mind in sending their precious child to preschool in the wake of a pandemic, the Board of Directors and staff of CNS wish to be as forthcoming about our plans to re-open in the Fall of 2020.  


After the world was turned upside down, we are all anxious (to varying degrees) about what our "new normal" will look like.  We are trying to stay as informed as possible of all state and local mandates and health requirements and suggestions.  Although "things" are in a constant state of flux, we are developing a plan to re-open in September. 


Our HIGHEST PRIORITY is, and will always be, the health and safety of your child and our staff. 


Re-opening a preschool in the wake of a pandemic is not going to be easy.  Children are busy and interactive and always eager for loving.  And it is our nature to provide that loving touch.  And yet, we are faced with "social distancing" and "face coverings," ...  rules that contradict our nurturing instincts. 


BUT,...  after much research, discussion and thoughtful planning, we are confident that CNS can continue to be a loving, enriching and FUN program, while following all the suggested practices to limit the spread of the virus.


Specifically, here are the Covid-19 Guidelines that will be strictly implemented at Community Nursery School. We ask for your patience and your support as we, like everyone, find "new normal."  

CNS Guidelines to Covid-19


1.   CNS will remain open for programming ONLY if state and local mandates allow.


2.   A parent MUST attend the Parent Orientation meeting (schedule TBA) prior to the first day of class. 


3.   The classroom and all common areas will be thoroughly disinfected after each day. This includes all surfaces of classroom, bathroom, nursery school office, entry vestibule and hallway. An EPA/CDC approved product called Benefect Botanical Decon 30 spray disinfectant will be used. This is an organic, chemical-free product that kills the Covid-19 virus on contact, however is 100% safe for children.


4.   CNS will have adequate supply of tissues, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes.


5.   All staff and children at CNS will be taught proper hygiene measures, and reminded often about proper hygiene.


6.   Face covering (masks) are required for all children and staff.  Face covering can be removed for snack, during which time 6' social distancing will be maintained. 


7.  Parents are to keep their child home if there are ANY signs of illness.  

All staff and children must pass a “health check” each day before entering the classroom. 


a. “Touch-less forehead thermometer” will be used to measure everyone’s temps as they enter the building.  Anyone (staff, parent or child) with body temperature of 100* or more will be asked to go home.

b. Parents will verify that their child is symptom-free of viral illness (no coughing, sneezing, running nose, headaches, body aches, ear aches, etc.) and has NOT received prescription or OTC medication for symptoms in the past 24 hours.

c. Documentation of daily health check will be maintained (privately, and kept secure).


11.  During this phase of our Covid-19 Guidelines, classes will NOT gather and intermix. Classes will visit the playground individually according to a staggered schedule. All-school field trips and performances are suspended at this time. 


12.  Parents must agree to our CNS Covid-19 Positive & Contact Tracing Protocol:

        Primary Covid-19 Exposure:

a. If staff or child tests positive for Covid-19, CNS Program Director must be notified IMMEDIATELY.

b. The particular Staff/Child is not to attend CNS program for 2 weeks AND a negative Covid-19 re-test result is obtained by the person with the virus. Both conditions must be met regardless of presence or absence of symptoms.

c. Parents of every child in that class will be notified of the possible PRIMARY exposure to the virus.

d. That class will not meet for 2 weeks.

  Secondary Covid-19 Exposure:

a. If someone living in the same household as a CNS staff or child tests positive for Covid-19, CNS Program Director must be notified immediately.

b. The staff/child living with the Covid-19 positive person will not be allowed to attend CNS for 2 weeks AND a negative Covid-19 test result.  Both conditions must be met.

c. Parents of every child in that class will be notified of the possible SECONDARY exposure to the virus.

d. Class will remain open, leaving attendance up to the discretion of each parent.


13.  Each child MUST have a parent or guardian’s contact information provided. 

a. This includes cell phone number that will be answered if we call during class hours.



14. Each child MUST have TWO emergency contact persons identified, with adequate contact information. 


15. There will be no parents, guest speakers, assemblies from outside organizations or visitors to the classroom until these guidelines are so modified. 


16. Children will be asked to minimize bringing items from home to school. 


The Board of Directors and staff of CNS are grateful for the on-going cooperation of the families of children that attend HTASC. By working together, CNS will continue being a positive force in the lives of the children we serve, while striving to keep everyone safe and healthy.              


Thank you!