3/16/20 Letter to Current CNS Families regarding the COVID-19 Response Closure


Dear Parents,


We write this on Day 1 of our COVID-19 Response closure.  WE MISS YOU ALREADY!


That said, the Board of Directors and staff of the Community Nursery School are committed to doing whatever it takes to minimize the thread of COVID-19 infection and illness. Accordingly, CNS will continue to be responsive to decisions of both the Poughkeepsie United Methodist Church and Arlington Central School District. 


PUMC, our building host, will be closed to all public gatherings for, at least, the remainder of March. There will be a thorough “deep clean” during this time. Whenever it will be, your children will return to a clean and germ-free environment.


As CNS is located within the Arlington Central School District boundaries, CNS will also abide by the closure status of ACSD.  They have made it clear that they will be closed until March 30, at which time they will reassess based on County, State and federal recommendations. 


In keeping with the protocol of PUMC and ACSD, Community Nursery School will be closed until AT LEAST March 30th.

Please check back here for updates to that schedule.


 These are challenging times for everyone, and not having the consistency and stability of school programs for our children is most certainly on our list of challenges.


The staff at CNS, Ms. Carol and Ms. Kelly, Ms. Judy and Ms. Kate, Ms. Kat and Ms. Erin, Ms. Judy and Ms. Sara, …. will be meeting to plan fun ways to keep in touch with your child(ren). Maybe a live stream story time! Maybe theme-based activity suggestions! Maybe links to appropriate online resources!  Look for more details soon.


Of course, Diana, our Director-Extraordinaire, will keep you posted of CNS’s status.  She will also check phone messages daily. You can also send Diana notes via the Remind app. So please reach out to us if you’d like to discuss any of the issues addressed here, or if you have questions or concerns about your child.  The classrooms might be empty, but we are still your child’s preschool program and we will continue to offer you the support and guidance that we always have. 


In the meantime, make this time light and stress free for your child(red). Here's a link that has the 1, 2, 3's of talking with your child about the coronavirus (#1, Share age-appropriate facts and corrected misinformation. #2, Reassure them that they are safe, which is the most important message kids can hear. #3, Emphasize simple things your family can do to be “germ busters” — for all types of germs that are out there!


Enjoys walks and play games. Be silly and have fun! Or,... just snuggle and rest. It's might be confusing for your child why he/she is not going to school. Be honest, but reassuring. Because,... everything IS going to be okay!


The Board and staff of CNS will be hoping and praying that the threat of COVID-19 passes quickly and unremarkably for your family, our entire community and indeed, the world. May these days pass with patience, joy and SAFETY.  


Peace to all.


Barb Adams

President, Board of Directors

Community Nursery School

of Poughkeepsie United Methodist Church